All Hands In

Be apart of social change, using your innovative ideas to create positive, sustainable solutions in parts of the world, that needed the most.

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Global Youth Thinker. 

global youth

global youth think tank 

work on local cases

Think Tank sessions will be held monthly, for open dialog on current case solutions to collectively solve local issues that effect appointees directly.

EDucational trainings

Educational and Professional enhancement programs through in-person and online classes for each participant. 

paid appointment

The appointee will be an innovative team player with a passion for positive change. Those appointed will be given a monthly stipend.

invaluable experience

Work together with a team of peers, to create solutions and encourage positive change within your country. Be a superhero in your own community.  

are you a thinker?

We are looking for senior high/college students 16-24 years old, studying social work, teaching, law, real estate, accounting, technology, politics and medicine to participate in a national think tank to create solution for issues facing their communities.



Think Tank USA

Think Tank Afrika


Please email your interest statement with {your area} from above, of no more than 250 words, expressing why you want to be a Thinker and How your participation would be an asset to the Think Tank, include your full name, location, and phone number.

Under 18, will need permission, please also send your guardians name/ their email & phone number. 

Send your inquiry to: