A Women's & Children Centre in Ghana

Updated: Mar 4

Asantewaa Women & Children Centre of YABI

My organization is very happy to be taking on this new project. I learned so much from my research here in Ghana and have a clear plan of action to help the girls get off the streets and have opportunities to live fulfilling lives.

I am happy to say, we are moving closer and closer to our dreams of building a sustainable Women's Center in Yabi Village, Ashanti Region, Kumasi, Ghana, all for our beautiful and hardworking Kayayei Girls. {check out the timeline post coming next week, so you can follow our journey.}

In order for it to be, a sustainable environment, Our Centre will provide:

Affordable Housing for Young Women 16-30 years and Children ages 0-15 years

Park Playground & Sports Field

Herbal Medicinal & Vegetable Farm & Factory

Holistic (Mind, Body, Spirit) Wellness Clinic with Maternity and Child Health

Marketplace (General) (Produce) (Tailor) (Salon)

Community Bank (Susu), (Savings) (Loans)

Kim Afreeka Village Academy Tech Lab 0-15 years

Kim Afreeka College for Girls 16 years old & older Bus/Van/Car Transportation

Most of the building and constructing will be built by the women, youth and natives of the village. It's Important that they be invested in their home and community. They will learn a skill and work for livable wages and contribute to the community around them. They will learn economy, financial responsibility and confidence. They will create their own governance and council.

We will be taking online applications for The "Asantewaa Women & Children Centre "

starting 11- 22- 2022. Most of our new intakes, will be recruited directly from the streets.

We will be hosting our annual fundraiser during the Fall of 2022 November in USA & December in Ghana. To offer your support to our campaign "Get the Girls Off the Streets, Now"

Go to KI.M.S. KIDS AFRIKA @ www.kimskids.org click on Support Us

Thank you for stopping by, so good to have you here,

Your's Truly, Governess, Madame Kimberly

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