Ambassador for the Kayayei Girls of Ghana

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

In September 2020, I was appointed as the International Relations Coordinator for the Kunata Voluntary Organisation and the Ambassador for the Pamela Bridgewater Project designed to Protect and Empower the Homeless Kayayei Girls living on the streets in Maamobi.

It's was an honor and pleasure to represent and advocate for the human and equal rights of the beautiful young woman of Ghana, through the Ghana based grassroots NGO - Kunata Voluntary Organisation and the Pamela Bridgewater Project, where I was able to bring awareness to issues surrounding the Kayayei Girls living on the streets of Maamobi. I did a press conference and worked directly with the girls, as I worked through our language barriers. My job was to bring global awareness to the issues through International Public Relations. To bridge cultural allies and to move the Organisation forward through digital and technical upgrades. Excited to be apart of positive change and growth on the Continent.

My Campaign: {Get Our Girls Off the Streets, Now!}

And even though my appointment is now over, I will continue to empower, advocate and build communities for the Kayayei Girls of Ghana, though my NGO/NPO Afrikan American Centre for Cultural and Social Integration.

To offer your support in our efforts to Get the Girls Off the Streets,

Now. go to @ KI.M.S. KIDS AFRIKA

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