KAVA Summer Solstice Sessions 2022

Updated: Jun 25

We are so excited to announce the start of the Kim Afreeka Village Academy Summer School, the 9 week sessions will begin on July 1, 2022 In Compton, California, online and via satellite from Accra, Ghana. Class orientation begins June 25, 2022. All students will receive a KAVA summer starter pack. A KAVA signature book bag filled with school and art supplies.

Upon joining every student attending live classes will receive a: *

  • KAVA Summer Digital Workbook

  • Local library card

  • Gohenry debit card

  • iPhone 8

  • A Bike or Skateboard

  • A foster pet

  • Summer Clothing Box

*ghana students will receive everything above except library card and foster pet.

9 week personas with adventure trip.

  1. Nature & Ecology

  2. International Jet-Setter

  3. Book Author

  4. Fashion Designer

  5. Hollywood Production

  6. Global Humanitarian

  7. World Class Chef

  8. Business Mogul

  9. Your Best Self

These weekly role-play adventures will encourage children to embrace their inner creativity and imagination. To think from a broader prospective and realization of how everything is inter-connected and that they have to power to change and shift things in the world to make it a better place for everyone.

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