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Hello, AKWAABA (Welcome),

I am Mrs. Kimberly Afreeka-Okolieaboh, MSW, or as my Ghana kids call me, "Auntie Kim". I am a International Clinical Social Worker and Community Organizer, with 25 years of clinical, political and community service experience, I am now living and working, bi-continental, in Afrika and the USA. I am the founder and operator of the Afrikan American Centre for Cultural and Social Integration. A non profit organization based in California, USA and Ghana, Afrika.   

In 2019, while I was studying International Relations and Diplomacy in Paris, France. I was sent a flier regarding the "Year of Return" conference in Ghana, and as a 50th Birthday present to myself, I booked a flight to the Motherland. ​Commencing the 400th year of the 1st recorded slave ship to leave Afrika, to bring young Afrikans to slave in the American colonies. The year of return was a beautiful peak at what could be, if we were to bridge the Afrikan Diaspora Gap. There is so much potential for and benefit from unified cross-cultural expansion and growth. It's the dream of the ancestors. This is a perfect opportunity to equip and prepare the youth for nation building, that will benefit several generations to come. This is why I created the Kim Afreeka Village Academy and the Freedom Sports Academy.

I worked for 30 years to develop positive changes in our most vulnerable communities in America. While in Ghana, I spent  2 years doing a sociocultural anthropology study, assessing the socio-economic issues plaguing many native Afrikans, by living in underserved communities in the poorest neighborhoods in Accra. I was deeply emerged into the culture and I enjoyed being available to the people, that needed me the most, I wanted to hear their stories and get first hand account, of what they felt the issues were. This ethnographic research approach, gave me a priceless prospective, great insight and clear objectives on how to effectively and expeditiously address the issues, that the most vulnerable families and communities are faced with daily. 

Here are 6 Fundamental Solutions we will focus on:​

  1. Natural Holistic Health

  2. Affordable & Sustainable Housing

  3. Affordable & Afrikan Centered Education

  4. Communal Economics

  5. Business Development

  6. Organic Farming

Using the creative and critical skills of our "Global Youth Think Tank" to work on solutions and implement change through our collective of brilliant minds, ages 16-24 years old, (younger students with the capacity are encouraged to apply). Our program is a paid 1-year appointment, that allow each student from various disciplines, collectively work on issues and find solutions as a team of thinkers. 

We build a bridge between the Continents, through student exchanges and annual rites of passage retreats, to give American children in the Diaspora, a chance to experience the homeland and give the Afrikan child a chance to experience the world. Creating a creative collaborative without borders, bringing the youth together to create a better tomorrow. 


Looking forward to building global communities and watching the children grow, think, create and innovate. You are welcomed to join me and my kids at any time. I am so very grateful you decided to stop by our website, I wish you all the very best in life, come back again soon, you are welcomed here. 

Be Free, 


sometimes they call me coach